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Workshop Facilities

Those wishing to hire technical assistance to develop their skills and personal artwork will be encouraged to make full use of the exceptional equipment available at the workshop. The facilities include a 5lb Hollander Beater for professional processing of fibres, a 100 tonne Hydraulic Press, a variety of vats and traditional moulds and deckles, which due to their size, allows the production of larger works. Depending on scale and volume of work to be made, artists and makers can arrange to attend the workshop on an individual basis or opt to share with one or two friends or colleagues.

Access can also be tailored according to requirements, for example, staff development for arts organisations or the making of collaborative artworks. Fees for technical assistance vary according aims and budget but every effort will always be made to meet expectations and maximise quality outcomes. Click to view a summary of my C.V. showing professional experience in hand papermaking and book arts.

Hollander Beater Hydraulic Press Traditional Mould Arts Paper Workshop Studio
Hollander Beater
Hydraulic Press
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