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Collaborations & Commissions

NVA commission

As part of the workshop’s activities, enquiries about collaborative projects from artists and craft-persons are welcome and, as a practising artist, I consider short residencies, exhibition opportunities and staff training events. External projects or one-off workshops in schools, hospitals, country parks or special events are also undertaken. Portable equipment and quality materials ensure good outcomes and, due to the versatility of the medium, workshop content can be directed accordingly.

As well as a focus on paper arts and related media through courses and, external projects, commissions for individual orders can be accommodated. For example, unique papers for wedding stationery, bookmaking and craft applications can be tailored to your specific requirements and budget available. Past commissions have involved the making of co-ordinating wedding stationery, fine rag paper for limited edition books and plant papers from specific locations. Contact PULP to discuss your commission or project ideas.

Stationary sample


At PULP: Paper Arts Workshop, I have been busy over the past few months working with visiting artists, completing guest book commissions, tutoring workshops out and about and hosting a student placement for City of Glasgow College. One of the most exciting commissions has been making the paper for the Queen's Message due to be read at the Opening Ceremony 23rd July 2014.

The specialist paper is made from an almost translucent Linen fibre with very small amounts of locally sourced banana and rush fibre dispersed through it. The Baton has been illuminated as it travelled across the world and the purpose of the fibre 'flecking' was to prevent the message being too visible and perhaps fragments read prior to the ceremony. Linen is a very durable material and was selected for the paper as it could withstand the fluctuating temperatures and humidity encountered during the relay. 

4c Design, the company behind the creation of the Baton, have achieved something amazing in creating such a beautiful, contemporary object and have done so by harvesting the talented makers right here in Glasgow and Scotland wide.

It is wonderful to have been a part of this and I am very proud that the paper made by myself at PULP: Paper Arts Workshop, WASPS Factory was sent off to Balmoral to start a journey around the Commonwealth and has now returned to Glasgow. The world will be watching the Opening Ceremony and I'm sure we will catch a glimpse of that special handmade paper! 

Alison Newman                                                                                                                 2014





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