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Pulp aims to explore and develop all aspects of hand papermaking and book arts, therefore, a variety of evening classes, weekend courses and summer workshops relating to these subjects will be offered throughout the year and are taught by experienced, professional tutors with much to offer participants.

Workshop Activity
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Some examples of courses include Artists' Bookmaking, Japanese Papermaking, Plant Papers, Pulp Painting and Casting Paper, as well as the opportunity to participate in more advanced levels of Hand Papermaking Courses several times a year. Requests for specific courses and tailored workshops are most welcome, so feel free to contact the workshop with any suggestions or reserve a place on one of the activities listed below.


INTRODUCTORY DAY WORKSHOP                (Saturday  10am - 4.30pm)                       £75

MAKING PAPER                                                                                          2nd February 2019 This course is designed to be a taster / introductory workshop. It is suitable for absolute beginners and those wishing to access the facilities to make some handmade papers. After a brief introduction to the workshop layout and Health and Safety, the day will be very much hands-on experience trying out different fibres / pulps in a variety of mould sizes. You will  have gained knowledge of the papermaking process, sheet forming experience, further creative possibilities with paper and have a selection of handmade papers at the end of this course.

WEEKEND COURSES                         (Sat & Sun 10am - 4pm)                             *£125   /  £140

PAPER & INDIGO BLUE                                                                        9th + 10th March 2019  Eco-Artist Elisabeth Viguie Culshaw and Papermaker Alison Newman from PULP have teamed up for a weekend workshop that will introduce a range of papermaking and Indigo Shibori techniques, a Japanese folding and clamping technique creating beautiful crisps patterns in a unique blue Eco dye This is a great opportunity to map your own unique Eco experience incorporating handmade papers and beautiful and unique Blue Prints and marks on both cloth and paper. Alison, of PULP will work with you on the first day to produce quality handmade papers in a variety of sizes, using a variety of pulps coming from around the world. Once dry, a selection of these unique and experimental papers can be used to create your unique prints the following day.

CREATIVE PAPERMAKING                                                                23rd + 24th March 2019  An introduction to the techniques involved in papermaking and the creative applications they provide. This course allows participants to experiment with plant fibres, inclusions, layering with colour, stencilling, watermarks and embossing. Freedom to explore the taught elements brings individual development to this course.

PLANT PAPERS                                                                                         13th + 14th April 2019   Explore the unique qualities of both native and exotic plant fibres, while gaining a better understanding of the processes involved in creating a variety of strong, beautiful plant papers. Participants will be introduced to the H&S and stages involved in processing plant material for use in papermaking and will form papers using a variety of fibres, such as Abaca, NZ Flaz, Rush and Banana.

JAPANESE BINDING                                                                             1st + 2nd June  2019   Using traditional techniques, sewing patterns and fine papers, such as Shoji, Shoin Bis and Zenyu, participants will make an individual collection of four hand-stitched books, as well as  an attractive folio style box in which to keep them. No previous experience is necessary and beginners are welcome.

CASTING PAPER                                                                                     15th + 16th June 2019 An introduction to making simple molds to create high and low relief paper casts. Learn to make plaster molds, using sculptural techniques and materials to create works that include carving, modeling and found objects. The course includes creating your work of art and the technique and methods to create the final work in pressed cotton fiber pulp.

JOURNEYS IN PAPER + BINDING *                                                                  Summer 2019   A great opportunity to create your own unique travel journal incorporating handmade papers. During day one you will have an introduction to papermaking, producing quality handmade papers in a variety of sizes and fibres. Experimental and creative pieces will be made using travel tickets, images, drawings, maps and layering textured pulps. Making use of these papers on day 2, Cassandra Barron will introduce a range of decorative stitched binding techniques, allowing you to create a bound journal from a great selection of decorative papers. Beginners and all levels welcome.

INTRODUCTION TO PAPER & ECO PRINT BOOK*                                         Autumn 2019

On the first day you will be experimenting with a variety of plant fibres to make a great bundle of handmade papers while having a full day introduction to the papermaking process. The following day, lead by Elizabeth Viguie-Culshaw, you will be experimenting with 'Eco / Nature Printing' with leaves and indigo dye. In addition to the paper and nature print activities, a small four-hole bound book will be produced as a final outcome.

3 - DAY COURSE                            (Sat, Sun + Mon  10am - 4.30pm)                                  £215

JAPANESE PAPER & MOKUHANGA EXPERIENCE                        4th, 5th + 6th May 2019  Explore the process of making fine, quality paper from Eastern fibres on the first day of this course. The following days will focus on 'Mokuhanga', traditional Japanese wood block printing, using traditional cutting knives, Japanese inking brushes and barens (printing pads). Printing on beautiful Kozo paper, participants will produce unique prints in the Japanese woodblock tradition. Taught by expert printmaker Elspeth Lamb in collaboration with Alison Newman @ PULP: Paper Arts Workshop.

FORTHCOMING COURSES                                                                                               2019

CREATIVE PAPER & BOOKBINDING*                                                                                  The first day of this course introduces hand papermaking and focuses on forming strong, decorative sheets in various sizes for use during the following days workshop. With tutor Cassandra Barron, participants will then explore craft applications suited to the paper, such as making a selection of small handmade books and journals. Ideal for making special gifts or learning new skills with a friend or colleague.

INTRO TO PAPER & JAPANESE BINDING                                                                         tbc 

This introductory course offers a comination of papermaking and Japanese binding techniques over one weekend. The first day is designed to be a taster workshop with hands-on experience of making paper from a variety of fibres like Abaca, N.Z. Flax, Cotton rag, Kozo and recycled Japanese papers. The following day you will learn Japanese binding techniques using traditional sewing patterns and fine papers. Participants will make a collection of four hand-stitched books to take home along with their handmade paper from the previous day. 

FESTIVE PAPER & CRAFT                                                                                                     tbc

The first day of this course introduces hand papermaking and focuses on forming strong, decorative sheets in various sizes for use during the following days workshop. Participants will then explore craft applications suited to the paper, such as simple handmade books, making stationery and lanterns.

EVENING CLASS                                  (6wks, 6.30pm - 8.30pm)                                         £85

INTRODUCTION TO PAPERMAKING                                                                               tbc   

An exploration of the many techniques involved in the medium and the creative applications they provide. The main areas to be covered are plant papers and fibre processing, inclusions, layering and stencilling with coloured pulps, embossing and watermarking. Freedom to explore the taught elements brings individual development to this course.

  ***********************  OTHER EVENTS / NEWS   *************************

Open Studio event 16th September 2018 


PULP: Paper Arts Workshop was hoping to host Peace Paper again in 2018.  This project has been postponed until Peace Paper visit on a UK tour at a later date.  Fingers crossed...

PEACE PAPER PROJECT                                                                                                     

PULP: Paper Arts Workshop hopes to be hosting Peace Paper Project sometime again in the future and I am looking forward to welcoming paper artist, activist and therapist Drew Matott to host a schedule of workshops with artists, educators and local groups, with the aim of exploring papermaking as a therapeutic, creative process and establishing links with community groups. To launch the project, a 2 day workshop suited to artists, art therapists, educators and all those working within participatory art settings will be scheduled.

During this workshop participants will transform a significant item, such as a loved one's shirt, Grandma's table cloth or old jeans into beautiful paper and watermarked paper art. Day 2 will have you working on a larger scale, experimenting with layering, stencilling and pulp painting with coloured pulps, and if time allows, participants can explore simple book forms with paper made the previous day. The aim of this activity is to experience first hand the 'symbolic transformation' which occurs during the making process and, in collaboration with PULP,  to consider incorporating these techniques into your own practice with groups, particularly where a therapeutic, social and healing outcome is desired.

In addition, a series of workshops with local groups / organisations will also be scheduled and we hope to work with individuals and staff from Women's Support, Recovering Mental Health and Ex - Service Personnel. Please get in touch if you have a group that would like to be involved.

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